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Welcome to Centricity, an exclusive collection of spaces and services created to enhance working life in Central.


About Centricity

At Hongkong Land, we strive to deliver the best for our customers in every facet of their day. It is this philosophy that drives Centricity, our exclusive concept designed and delivered in the heart of Hong Kong’s buzzing Central district.

A natural extension of your working environment, Centricity blends all-day dining, elegant event spaces and members’ privileges, all digitally linked to enhance every aspect of your day. You can work from our Flex office, host private functions in our events area and entertain guests at our restaurant and iconic terrace bar. You can also enjoy wonderful privileges and discounts, book tables at restaurants, join virtual events, check taxi stands, access concierge services and more through our innovative App. Join us to unlock a world of seamless connectivity and convenience. We call it CENTRICITY.

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From the way we run our spaces to the service we provide in our restaurants, every decision we make reflects our deep commitment to limiting our impact on the environment. Sustainable practices and commitments to reducing waste and increasing recycling all drive our operations.

Sourcing Sustainably

Focused on fresh, sustainably sourced ingredients, Catchic’s menu delivers dishes that satisfy in every way. Our seafood is certified as ‘Ocean Friendly’ according to the WWF-Hong Kong Seafood Guide, our poultry is sourced from the ‘Label Rouge’ program and our Brandt Beef is antibiotic and hormone-free and raised on a diet supported by sustainable farming practices.

Reducing Waste

At Catchic, we have a complete ban on single-use plastics. Our takeaway containers are plant-based and fully compostable. The water we serve is not imported, and freshly bottled and carbonated on site each day. At Concentric, you’ll find no single-use plastic, pens or paper.

Responsible Practices

At the end of each day, any food waste from Catchic is sent to Hongkong Land’s own onsite food composter. Disposing of excess waste in this way saves approximately 240kg from being sent to landfill every month.

Award Winning Achievements

Each of our buildings has achieved the highest Platinum rating under the BEAM Plus Certification Scheme. One, Two and Three Exchange Square have won the Hong Kong Green Building Award’s Grand Award. Our carbon emissions have already been reduced by 30%, and a new goal of reducing them by 55% by 2030 is now in place.